Reverent and Joyful

Our service reflects the full range of worship expressions-- from reverence for God's majesty to jubilant praise. Our music moves between classic hymns and contemporary praise and worship. This diversity reflects the broad variety of our parishioners' backgrounds

Music at Seabury Anglican is led by Mace Lewis.   Our first service at 8:00 a.m. has traditional Anglican liturgy with hymns.   Our second service at 10:30 am  has our Anglican liturgy with vocalists joined with piano, guitars, trumpet and drums in musical worship.

The Seabury Singers, our senior choir, sings the offertory for the 10:30 am service. James Conover leads the choir in plain chants, spirituals, traditional hymns, and contemporary Christian and Messianic songs.                                           

Our children’s choir is Junior Rejoicers. They make guest appearances in the 10:30 am service to everyone’s delight.